Sept 2019 Events Manatee LGBTA Dems & August Summary

Don’t forget to check our LINKS section at end of email for: WebsiteFaceBook;  CP&RF (Coastal Progressive & Rainbow Forum); & Manatee DEC News Letter.  We cross advertise events for our supporting organizations, local, state, national, international.

Sept EDITORIAL: Please join debates of various groups on merits of some of our Presidential candidates. Volunteers to support Margaret Good Campaign for Congressional District 16Dems need this! Our Caucus SURVEY is forthcoming to paid members & all volunteers; where you can show areas you support, and what direction for Caucus activities. We are almost done with By-Laws rewrite; you can still make suggestions.   THANKS VOLUNTEERS.

Sept 1st MAHC Work Day — see Steve/Ron/Clint for pre-screening   for Allied NGOs. Experienced volunteers help teach young men & women while earning $$$s & donating to MAHC. NOTE: We have more jobs than “qualified people” to do work. We are training in some cases, AFTER “pre-screening”.

Sept 8th ALSO Youth Fall Festival Brunch —-get tickets at  

Sept 11th Progressive Caucus 7:00pm Dem Headquarters—- Discussion of various Presidential Candidates merits.  PLEASE volunteer.

Sept 18th Manatee LGBTA DEMS Caucus—6:00pm Dem Headquarters,  Review any remaining changes to By-Laws including adding “endorsement procedures”. Status reports, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, etc. Action Plans organized for 2019-2020; SURVEY, discuss our modifications to template. Resolve WEBSITE & FACEBOOK questions.

Sept 20th CP&RF Radio Interviews— 5-7pm   Radio interviews (Reign Hervey; multiple authors in prep for Miami Book Fair) WE HAVE MAJOR NAMES CONFIRMED!

Sept 21st MAHC Work Day — see Steve/Ron/Clint for pre-screening

Sept 23rd DEC Meeting— 6:00pm in DEM Headquarters. JOIN our recurring monthly donation $20.20.

Sept 23rd Final Day to Pay for Annual Luncheon—Please get your check/cash to Steve by this day.

Sept 24th PFLAG Meeting — 6:00pm at ALSO Youth in Sarasota.

Oct 8th Annual Manatee Luncheon Democratic Clubs/Caucuses —- IMG Academy Country Club at 11:30 am. The cost will be $25 and must be paid prior to September 24th.

Nov. 21st -24th Miami Book Fair– One of the largest Book Fairs in nation (nearly 800 authors last year). We had 10, mostly younger Dems from Manasota attended and car pooled down last year.  Most of the LGBTQ+ events on Saturday night & Sunday. (Steve for info)

Nov. 28th ALSO Youth Turkey Trot—-    Run, walk, view or volunteer; start your Thanksgiving Day with this annual event across the Ringling Bridge.

——————————-Manatee August Summary——————————

Note: each numeric entry with a “v” in ()  is known volunteers from Manasota LGBTA Dems.

Aug 10th MAHC Work Day  —  see Steve/Ron/Clint for pre-screening   for Allied NGOs. Experienced volunteers help teach young men & women while earning $$$s & donating to MAHC. NOTE: We have just had several of our young people granted “conditional Scholarships” for trade schools, from RainMakers & other NGOs, so this will reduce/impact our volunteer staff further. (7v)

Aug. 13th -19th Disney Gay Days at Walt Disney World – LGBTQ+ Car-pools from Region-4 to Orlando,  (3rd year we have participated).  At least 16 of all ages attend this year with Dem T-Shirts. (16v)

Aug 16th CP&RF Radio Interviews— 5-7pm  Radio interviews  (Equality Florida, & Trillion Trees)

Aug 21st Manatee LGBTA DEMS Caucus—6:00pm Dem Headquarters, LGBTA Action Plans organized for 2019-2020; Status reports:, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, etc.  By-Laws Vote, & other By-law discussions. (9v)

Aug 24th – Manatee Dems at Bradenton Marauders Baseball-TRIPLE PLAY— (sold out; fun night (3v)

Aug 26th  DEC Meeting—  6:00pm in  DEM Headquarters . JOIN our recurring monthly donation $20.20.

Aug 27th PFLAG Meeting — 6:00pm at ALSO Youth in Sarasota.