August 5th Manasota LGBTA Dems, DRC-Diversity & Unity—  sent 21 people plus friends in our core group to Naples to see Drew Lynch Perform.   We had most of the VIP tickets and had untold number of friends also to join core group from though out Florida. We have many great photos on social media.  A  Hi-lite & congrats to Sara & Kate on your engagement on the stage at “Off-The-Hook”; most in the audience didn’t realize what was going on when they exchanged rings.  Audience was focused on DJ asking the two to leave stage, and confused into thinking part of the show.

August 12th Rand’s Memorial Service—  Trinity MCC was packed by hundreds to honor Rand & his partner Ben, and his children and other family.  (Note: They made history in Manatee County as 1st LGBTA couple to be married.)

August 12th & 13th DRC (Diversity) Orlando State Meeting—  Reception & Dinner  plus great evening of clubbing with our Orlando hosts. Two Democratic  Candidates spoke at dinner.

August 16th Manatee LGBTA Dem Caucus Meeting—  We met with new Radio Program Producers; multiple people missed meeting due to vacations & other events.

August 18th -20th Florida LGBTA Dems State Meeting in Tallahassee —  We Networked  with LGBTA Dems from across Florida, & potential  Dem State officials at this weekend event; hearing speeches by all 3 announced governor candidates.

August 28th Manatee Delegates Elected for Florida Dem. State Conf.   (Oct. 27th thru 29th) Multiple members of Manatee LGBTA Caucus are delegates.


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