June-21st  Caucus Agenda

June-21st  Caucus AGENDA:   6:00pm  Opening & Introductions;  

1) Officer /Board  Reports  

2) Verification of names for Board Election 7-19-17 

3) Volunteers  for various Dem Party Requested Activities   

4) Events Participation & Volunteers  for Remainder 2017 Calendar Year (& funds from State Caucus/Dems?) 

5) Open Discussions: Impact of Georgia Special Election ALSO: DOES This sound interesting?  Ongoing & Specific  Major LGBT Financial contributions in New Mexico, then Colorado were contributing factors to helping turn those states purple & blue, &  is Texas next? We will discuss what could be!  (NM, oil heir; Col. Software Billionaire; now Texas food Billionaire & a friend of fast food chain major owner!)

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