Global Cruises & Tours 2018 & 2019 Released Planning

Global Cruises & Tours 2018 & 2019 Released Planning:   Multiple Progressive NGOs serving thousands globally for 17+ years with combined cruises & tours and bring PROGRESSIVE people together, have just announced some of our 2018 & 2019 schedules. We are NOT travel agents; and use any reimbursements from cruises to expand the experience for our participating NGOs & volunteers.  We are not only unique in being very Progressive thinking global groups, but also having many younger college educated people  in our groups, along with sometimes world renown authors, actors, political  backgrounds, and entertainers, from multiple countries.  If you are interested in being place on one of our email list and learning more for either your specific NGO or just yourself, please email  Also please feel to see a recent video of one of our Global Cruises & Tours, where a few in this group participated in a world history making event.  Thanks, and click link to see video. 2015 Cruise link:


Preview YouTube video GA Tours 2015

GA Tours 2015

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